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Tan Sawan Waterfall, Khaosok
Adventure to the Lake at Khao Sok

Tan Sawan Waterfall is another beautiful waterfall. Flows down from the steep cliffs and high arched rainbow. Away from the Bang Rad about 4 km.  Most people continue to Ton Kloi waterfall, 7km from headquarters (allow 3hr each way), which flows year-round and tumbles into a pool that's good for swimming. En route, signs point to Bang Liap Nam waterfall (4.5km from headquarters), which is a straightforward hike; and Tan Sawan waterfall (6km from headquarters), which involves wading along the river bed for the final kilometre and should not be attempted during the rainy season.

spectacular eleven-tiered Sip-et Chan waterfall, which shoots off north from the park headquarters and follows the course of the Bang Laen River, is no longer much used and can be quite indistinct. Though the falls are only 4km from headquarters, there's a fair bit of climbing on the way, plus half a dozen river crossings, so you should allow three hours each way.

น้ำตกธารสวรรค์  เป็นน้ำตกที่สวยงามอีกแหล่งหนึ่ง ไหลลงมาจากหน้าผาสูงชันพุ่งโค้งแบบรุ้งกินน้ำ ห่างจากน้ำตกบางหัวแรดประมาณ 4 กิโลเมตร

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